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A truly unique experience for all

With the support of our principal partners - the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, Buffet Crampon USA and Besson London, NABBSS caters for brass players of varying abilities, keen to experience music making in a British-style brass band setting.

We’re proud to boast an internationally acclaimed faculty of soloists, university professors, and principal players from some of the world's finest brass bands, led by Robert and David Childs (pictured above). It’s not just an incredible location and star faculty that makes NABBSS such a special experience for our participants though. The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo is the World’s largest indoor annual show and NABBSS are part of the cast, performing to over 50,000 people and an international television audience, alongside artists of the highest calibre from a variety of nations.

NABBSS Musical Director, Dr. Robert Childs explains: “With the support of the RNSIT we’re able to give our participants the performance opportunity of a lifetime, which combined with the inspirational instrumental tuition our faculty provides, makes NABBSS a truly unique experience for all involved.”

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